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Pre-Season Prep Tips

As January starts to wind to a close, here are a few pre-season prep tips to get your game ready for the upcoming season:

1. Re-grip your clubs. Your clubs should have new grips installed every year (twice per year if you play more).

2. Clean out your bag. As you golf throughout the year, you tend to acquire more and more items in your bag, including old scorecards. Clean out your bag and organize it so that you know exactly where everything is.

3. Check your balls. Go through your golf balls and determine which ones are playable and which ones should either be thrown away or put into your stash of practice balls.

4. Clean your towels. Most golfers never clean their towels. A clean towel is important to make sure your clubs and grooves stay clean. A dirty towel will transfer dirt back to the club face.

5. Clean your grooves. Your grooves are what produces the ball spin. You can get a groove cleaning tool at any sporting goods store or online. Make sure the grooves are nice and clean.

6. Clean your clubs. Many amateur players don't realize that their clubs need to be cleaned regularly to help produce lower scores. A simple bucket with dish soap and warm water will allow you to easily clean your clubs of dirt, grass and mud.

7. Swing the club. On the nice days over the next few weeks, make sure you get outside and swing your clubs, or if you have the ability, get to a driving range. Start stretching out your muscles and prepare them for the upcoming season.

These are easy pre-season prep tips that will help you be prepared for the 2018 season. The more you're prepared, the better your scores will be at the beginning of the year.

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