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Looking for a Membership?

Do you love to golf? 

Have you ever wanted to be a member of a golf club or country club, but always found it too expensive?

Murrysville Golf Club has changed the membership model!

Why are Country Club memberships declining? It's really simple actually. Members are charged an initiation fee to join, then a monthly fee that typically costs a few hundred dollars. On top of that, you're required to spend a certain amount per month in the clubhouse, and when you golf, you have the added cost of a caddy or a cart.

At public courses, memberships are significantly less expensive because you're only paying for the golf. You have a one-time payment and get all the golf you want. 

But one of the drawbacks with a public course membership is that you've got cart fees, will spend money in the clubhouse and in most cases, league fees aren't included if you play in a league.

Let's do a little math.

For Western PA, the average public membership is roughly $1,000 for the year. Cart fees typically run about $15 per round. Let's say you play 30 rounds in a year. To add to the example, let's say you spend about $10 in the clubhouse per round on drinks and food. So your membership at a public course in the area is actually going to run you $1,000 for the golf, $450 in cart fees and another $300 in food and beverage.

Your total is $1,750. This is not including any course events that may require additional fees for you to play or driving range balls.

Add in a few events and the driving range, and you're easily going to spend $2,000 or more for a year of golf.

Murrysville has redesigned the membership model.

Murrysville Golf Club offers 3 membership packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Silver membership runs $900, including cart fees. This allows for golf before 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and after 3 p.m. on weekends and holidays. It's perfect for the retiree or part timer that is looking to get started in a membership package.

Murrysville's Gold membership takes it a step further. For $1,200 you get unlimited golf any day and time of the week, all cart fees included, unlimited driving range use and a $100 credit for the pro shop, restaurant and bar. Our Gold membership even includes your league play.

Want a top tier Country Club type membership? Then select Murrysville's Platinum package. The Platinum package gives you unlimited golf and cart use, unlimited range balls, a $200 credit for the restaurant, bar and pro shop, league play and entries into 6 different events hosted by the facility. All of this comes in well under what you would spend anywhere else, costing just $1,500.

So why would you even consider looking to be a member anywhere else? Murrysville has the best deals out there in 3 different inclusive packages.

Here's the best part, the prices are discounted until November 1, 2017. That's right, purchase now, either for yourself or as a gift, and receive a discount on all membership packages.

Learn more and purchase your membership today by visiting our Rates & Memberships page!

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