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Arnie's Impact

As I'm sitting down browsing through the channels on Sunday, I go to my usual, the Golf Channel to see what's on.

Much to my surprise, they are airing the 3-part Arnold Palmer special. It's his birthday, and many in the golf world dearly miss him. So I set the DVR and record all 3 parts, which to this point I've probably seen 10 times already.

It's unusual as we near the end of the 2017 golf season to not see Arnie around like we used to.

Every time I sit and watch the Arnie special, it brings a tear to my eye. I truly get sad. It's not because he was family, or not because I never got to meet the man. It's because he touched my life like so many others in a way that I still carry with me today.

Growing up in Western Pa., I knew who Arnold Palmer was, but it wasn't until I turned 8 that I really began to gain a larger interest in him.

You see, my grandfather and great-grandfather gave me my first set of golf clubs for my 8th birthday. Since then, I've been hooked, and my goal has always been to beat my grandfather. At 68 and 33, respectively, I still have failed.

But what really gets me choked up about Arnold Palmer is that I was told at a very young age by those two men that you respect the game, gain excitement by the challenge, but most importantly, always carry yourself with respect like Arnold Palmer does. It will take you far in life.

Those words stuck with me, and I've only treated others as I would expect to be treated. I've done it in every aspect of my life.

Even this past Saturday when my grandfather was embarrassing me at Murrysville, my home course, to the tune of 7 strokes, I never got frustrated. I brushed off the bad shots and went on to the next, just like Arnold.

So in lieu of this, thanks Arnold and thanks to my grandfathers for guiding a great path for me. To those of you at Murrysville, I hope you live by the same philosophy and ideals and respect for the game. And if you ever see me around, let's play 18!

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